That Thorn Guy Second Birthday Interview with Mark Lawrence

There’s an interesting interview with Mark Lawrence, author of the Broken Empire trilogy, the Red Queen’s War trilogy, and the Book of the Ancestor trilogy, over on thatthornguy. Fans of Lawrence will be pleased to learn about a few of his upcoming projects!

that thorn guy


It’s been a year since my last interview with you and a lot has happened during this year. I can think of several good things as far as your work is concerned. What were your highlights?

It’s been a busy year. My first complete calendar year as a full-time writer. Let me make a list!

–       Released The Wheel of Osheim to a great reception. The whole Red Queen’s War trilogy now being in print.

–       Finished writing Grey Sister.

–       Started and finished writing Holy Sister, thereby completing the Book of the Ancestor trilogy.

–       Started and finished writing a new stand-alone book called Power Word Kill.

–       Started a new Broken Empire book with an old character. I won’t identify them for fear of spoiling earlier books by naming survivor/s.

–       Started writing for a multiplayer Xbox game. A bit of variety!

–       Won the Gemmell Legend Award…

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