Bristolcon 2016 Report


This was my first time at Bristolcon and it was Grimdark to the core, with an impressive number of British grimdark authors. I had the honor of meeting Mark Lawrence, the king of grimdark. He is great company and quite friendly.

Quite a number of the British grimdark scene was present, everyone was very friendly and laid back. It was more about sitting at the bar, making acquaintances and new friends than listening to the panels for a lot of folk and we greatly enjoyed the experience. We had interesting discussions with Mark Lawrence, Andy Remic, Anna Smith-Spark, Ben Galley, JP Ashman, Fantasy Faction guys, GR Matthews, TO Munro.

There was a panel about women in grimdark, which I sadly missed, and plenty of grimdark talk, books signed and many pints of ale. Here is my photo stack:

Here is Ben Galley’s vlog report featuring Andy Remic, Luke Scull and Anna Smith-Spark:

Grimdarkians are extremely nice people. You could hop from table to table and talk to everyone. All of the authors I have met were down to earth and nice folk with positive attitudes. Now we are all looking forward to next year.



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