Cheers from Japan!


Cheers.jpgOr better yet KANPAIIIII!

Back in the day, about two years ago, I decided to get serious about my writing. I began spending a lot of time reading  writing blogs and following SF&F fandom. I even started my own blog BarbarianBookClub. My sometimes unhealthy internet surfing ended up with me falling in love with grim fantasy. I rediscovered my love of dark genre fiction.

Around the same time, I became online friends with Eric and Leona. They invited me to write reviews, give opinions, and geek out about our mutual admiration for Grimdark. I wrote some reviews, a few articles, and seriously enjoyed myself.

But time passed. We each became occupied with our individual projects. I moved across the world from San Diego all the way to Yokosuka, Japan. The icy chill of abandonment swept across our old site as it became a shadow of its old self.

Last week Eric sent me a message that he is re-starting the blog and wants me to come back, write reviews, and other fun stuff. My answer was a very enthusiastic yes, so here I am getting ready to get my Grimdark on.

I look forward to discussing all the great books I have been reading and discover new ones together.

-Alexandru Constantin



One Comment Add yours

  1. ericfomley says:

    Great to have you with us man!


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